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Tulsa Broke Out the Turnover Fedora Against Ohio State and It's Awesome

You've seen the turnover chain. For one night only in 2017, you saw the turnover trash can. Last week, we were introduced to the turnover dragon skull. But there is not a prop in the country that compares to the turnover fedora.

Go get the football back for your offense and then come to the sideline and class up the joint. That's how we do things in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The turnover fedora is the gentleman's prop.

I just want to know how many more things we can possibly come up with. I truly don't think we're very far from a defensive back coming back to the bench and flushing the football down an oversized turnover toilet. Somebody is going to do it.

But for now, we're still living in the golden age of props with the turnover fedora. Tulsa deserves to lead the country in turnover margin.