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World No. 15 Tennis Player Diego Schwartzman Lost To a +10,000 Underdog Over the Weekend In One Of The Biggest Upsets In Sports History

Obviously the weekend was dominated by football as it always is, but under the radar we had one of the biggest upsets (odds wise) in sports history over in the tennis world.  Diego Schwartzman, ranked 15th in the world, lost to a fella who had never played in a pro tennis tournament before. Diego was 1/500 to win the match over in Europe which translates to -50,000 in our gambling language. You may see that line and be like no way, an upset in tennis can happen anytime. Sure that's true, but when the world number 15 going against the 63rd ranked juniors player that line seems fair to me. A guy who has never played a competitive pro match in his life? +10,000!?!? How does this happen?


When you see an upset like this in tennis you immediately have to think match-fixing since that's been a thing in the past with this sport. This would be too obvious to me so I'm ruling that out. Seems like from what I've read Diego was completely exhausted from the grind of the season and just had nothing in the tank for this one. Throughout the entirety of the match Diego only fired off three winners. Three! 

Daniil Ostapenkov, whose name seems like a hybrid version of tennis players Daniil Medvedev and Jeļena Ostapenko, took advantage of that and won in straights. Bananas. Actually bananas. Diego is one of the few people on Earth who can say they've beaten Rafael Nadal on clay. He plays a sound game where he returns seemingly everything and gets to a ton of balls. Diego's game is to wear you down.  And now he loses to a middle of the road junior on clay? Impossible.

This guy's last match was a loss to a dude ranked No. 1416 in the ITF Junior Rankings. In one of those sets he was bageled 6-0! We're talking an impossibly bad level of tennis here. 

Diego didn't know what to say after.

Listen I'm sure a tennis story ain't going to move the needle for you after an awesome football Sunday, but you see an upset like that and all you can do is say wow.