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Liam Gallagher Apparently Fell Out Of A Helicopter After His Headline Performance Last Night (He's Okay)

After delivering a phenomenal headlining performance at the Isle of Wight Festival (which can be watched at the bottom of this blog) full of Oasis classics and booming solo hits, Liam Gallagher apparently fell out of a fucking helicopter on his way out.

I say "apparently" because you never really know when Liam's fuckin around, but from the looks of that picture, I think the guy mighta fallen out of a god damn helicopter! I don't know how that coulda possibly happened, or from what height it did happen at, but it certainly put LG's face through the ringer at the very least.

Now, that he's okay, though, it's a pretty great notch in the rock n' roll belt, eh? Survived a helicopter fall at 48 years old after an amazing gig? Pretty fuckin cool, Liam!

If God tries to take either Gallagher brother any time soon - before the inevitable Oasis reunion - I will fuck God up. Mark my words.

I'll come after God like Jay and Silent Bob go after internet commenters at the end of 'Strike Back'….

Long live Liam Gallagher, and long live rock n' roll….


Noel….reach out to your brother. Please. Wish RKID well. I'm begging you. Get the band back together.