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Down 24-7 With 1:10 Left, This Arizona High School Pulled Off One of the Most Insane Comebacks You Will Ever See Over No. 7 Bishop Gorman

There is nothing in sports more pure than high school football. Everyone knows I'm a college football guy through and through, but I'll take high school over the NFL, too. Sue me.

We got one of those awesome high school football moments in Chandler, Arizona on Friday night, with Hamilton (AZ) High School trailing No. 7 Bishop Gorman (NV) 24-7 with 70 seconds remaining in the game. It would take a 46-yard field goal and two onside kick recoveries just to have enough possessions to possibly tie the game or take the lead.

So Hamilton nails the field goal. Then it recovers an onside kick. Then it marches down the field and scores a touchdown. Still 29 seconds to go.

The second onside kick, though, is one of the most perfectly executed ones I've ever seen. Bishop Gorman looked like the Falcons against the Cowboys last season, when nobody had any idea they could touch the ball before the kicking team could — but Hamilton's kicker did a fantastic job putting just the right amount of power behind that ball.


And if you had any doubt what was going to happen at that point, Hamilton went right down the field again for another touchdown before attempting a two-point conversion — like anyone who has just scored 16 points in a minute should — and got it to win the game in the closing seconds.

I can't imagine there are too many Bishop Gorman players looking forward to their Sunday film session after this one.

There's just nothing like high school football, man. You gotta love it.