Leaked Sparring Footage Reveals Tom Holland May Actually Be Spider-Man

Alright, so maybe this wasn't "leaked" - his personal trainer just put it on his IG - but I thought the headline would sound more salacious if I threw that in word in there. 

Plus, it's funny to imagine J. Jonah Jameson leaking this footage....


Tom Holland's got some haaands, though, huh?! 

Not only does he have speed, but it looked like there was some actual power behind those shots as well! He looked a lot more impressive than most celebrities who post sparring footage….

Don't fuck with Peter Parker, folks!! OR Zendaya!!


I'd say I wanna see Tom in the next Rough N Rowdy, but let's be honest - a guy employed by Disney ain't touchin RNR with a hundred THOUSAND foot pole. I'd love to see Spidey kick some celebrity ass - maybe for charity - though!