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There Is NOTHING That Beats The Thrill Of One Of Your Horses Winning A Big Race

Really quick here. You probably don't know this, but Chief and I got bored last summer and bought into a few thoroughbreds via Crowns Way Racing here in Chicago. Not a ton into them, but enough where I had to budget a little more aggressively afterwards because I sank a decent amount of coin into them. One of them is named Smokin' Jay after the greatest QB and cocksman in history, Jay Cutler. We bought Smokin' Jay about 14 months ago from an auction down in Florida. 

He is SO awesome:

We knew that Jay was going to be our bread winner and that he'd be legit. He broke his maiden in is very first race ever at Arlington last summer. It was a 6 length win. That's when we started moving him around the country and putting him up against the absolute MONSTER horses like Mandaloun (should have won the derby), Hidden Stash and Arzak. 

He had mixed results until last week when he was nosed out in a $75K stakes race at Presque Isle. And when I say nosed out, he was NOSED out:

That was his 2nd time losing to Arzak and and Irad Ortiz. It was INFURIATING. It was the first thing I thought of when I woke up the next morning. "THAT FUCKING BOB ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!" 

Whatever, onto the next one and that next one was today at the Allied Forces Stakes at Belmont in NYC:

I know that about 1% of you love horse racing (which is a shame) but to anyone who does enjoy horse racing and to anyone who has any sized slice in a horse, you know what I'm talking about. The thrill is absolutely UNMATCHED, especially when it's a close race down the stretch. The 20 seconds is takes to get down the stretch seems like 20 years. Just a blood rush of thrills. It's been 30 mins and my heart is still racing here.

Also if anyone wants in on our group, shoot me an email. Can get in as little or as much as you'd like. Currently have 4 horses running and Jay might be heading to a race at the Breeder's Cup. And oh yeah….

…. we 100000% want a piece of Portnoy and Elio's horse Cross Border, who's a monster $1MM horse, but they keep ducking us. I think we could sell out an entire track if we did a Seabiscuit style match race after a full slate of races. I don't blame them for being scared though.

If you want in email me wsd @ barstool