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Nick Saban Responds to the Allegations He Loves 'Deez Nuts' Jokes

With a road battle against No. 11 Florida looming on Saturday, what did Nick Saban spend time during his Thursday night radio show answering questions about? Deez nuts.

That topic being brought up less than 48 hours away from possibly Alabama's toughest game of the regular season would have been a perfect time for Saban to launch into one of his classic tirades on the media focusing on the wrong things or to publicly chide Jordan Battle for bringing Saban's favorite joke back to the forefront. But he actually handled it well and had some fun with it. Who's to say what "deez" are, anyway?

Saban has all but admitted to making the jokes before, though. Josh Jacobs mentioned Saban's penchant for deez nuts humor during his time in Tuscaloosa on the Dan Patrick Show and Saban later went on the show and responded by saying he likes to "have fun with the players."

So if Saban isn't about to pop a blood vessel on the sideline with the Tide up 40 on an FCS team, he's probably cracking deez nuts jokes around the facility. What an enigma.