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Running Back Jamaal Williams Describing The Packers As His Ex-Girlfriend And The Lions Being His Rebound Is Why He's a National Treasure

Jamaal Williams is a national treasure that not nearly enough people know about. When the Packers let him walk in the offseason I was pretty bummed and it really had nothing to do with his on the field play. It's almost impossible to be in a bad mood after you hear Jamaal Williams talk about anything. Of course the Packers opted to overpay a running back instead of brining back Jamaal and all pro center Corey Linsley. Considering you drafted a running back in the 2nd round two drafts ago, I'll never understand why they paid Aaron Jones. Feel like that made no sense whatsoever. 

What you're seeing in the above video is who Jamaal Williams is 24/7. He's also a pretty damn good spell running back who blocks well and does his job when asked. I will root for that guy to succeed wherever he goes. Right now that's the Lions who get Green Bay on Monday Night Football which led to him describing Green Bay as the ex-girlfriend who told him he had to go. It hurts, but I still laughed. 

I think him describing playing in snow is my favorite interview ever. 

or playing in the rain

How did someone that cool go to BYU? Not a single clue.