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If The Giants And Mets Don't Kill Clem, His Booby-Trapped Yard Will

Listen, Clem is a friend a dear friend even. That said, I'm worried about the big man. He's flirting with disaster here. First it was the injury celebrating the Mets. 

Then it was last night. Clem and I split Knicks/Giants blogs and frankly I can't have him on the IR during this Giants season. I just can't. So him celebrating a Graham Gano field goal? Fine. I can live with that. But having to run laps around his own booby-trapped yard? Nope. Not on my watch. This is a call to action. This is for Podfathers, this is for Giants fans, this is for Clem fans. Please help our guy out. Someone go clean up his yard so he can do midnight runs. Someone go get Joe Judge in the right headspace to make correct calls. For the love of God someone help the entire Giants organization. 

Look at this! 

The big man is stepping on sticks the size of Delaware. He's stepping on wheel barrows. I'm worried about everyone's good pal, Clem. I blame the Fleming Curse.