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Death, Taxes, And The Guy Wearing #69 At A Men's League Hockey Game Getting Into A Fight

You know how in soccer the guy wearing #10 is typically going to be the best player on the team? Basketball has 23. Ice hockey is a little weird because if you rock 99 then most likely you're a squid, but you get what I'm saying. Certain numbers signify a certain status of player. 

Well when it comes to men's league hockey, or in this case the National Ball Hockey League, the guy rocking six nine is always going to be the greasiest player out there. So when the mitts are dropped and the fists start flying, you can bet your sweet ass that #69 is going to be right in the middle of the action. 

And even in this particular instance where it doesn't look like 69 was the one initially instigating the fight, you knew this dude was an absolute menace the entire game to earn that tilt. Probably even the past few games leading up to this one. I mean everybody knows the Philly Heat and Harrisburg Hustle are bitter rivals. Either way, you simply don't take the number 69 on a men's league hockey team unless your main objective every time you get out there is to act like a complete and total jackass. It's scientifically proven. 

Sidenote: I love how the refs were about to let the boys just handle it themselves until some other fella (assuming a coach of sorts) came flying in to break it up. The refs know damn well they're not getting paid enough to catch a stray fist to the face. Step back and enjoy the show. My kind of guys. 

Sidenote #2: Shoutout to The Hockey Dek. Right in the ol' backyard there.