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There's No Bigger Crock Of Shit Than This Guy Claiming He's Only Slept 30 Minutes A Night For 12 Years Straight And Isn't Tired

[Daily Star] - A man claims to have spent the last 12 years getting just 30 minutes of sleep a day - and says he hardly gets tired at all. Daisuke Hori, from Japan, lowered his daily sleep schedule from a rough eight hours to a tiny 30 minutes, insisting that he feels no negative side-effects.

Hori said that he always felt that 16 hours was not sufficient to achieve everything he wanted to do in a day, so slowly started experimenting with ways to lower his sleep routine.

Fuuuuucckkk this. For a variety of reasons, but fuck this. There's no reason to only sleep 30 minutes a night for 12 years straight. Sleeping is great. Maybe I say that as a parent and someone who gets tired. But getting multiple hours of sleep is well worth it and awesome. Not to mention what's the point? What is there to do for 23.5 hours a day? You can accomplish everything in roughly 14 hours. Work, watch TV, walk the dog, jerk off, shower. Go to sleep. Bam, that's a full day. 

This man is basically just out here living like Kramer or old school Frank the Tank with sleep shifts. 

I don't care if there were cameras there. I don't care what he says. Impossible to only sleep 30 minutes a night for 12 years. Do you know how long that is? Do you know how bored you have to be? Also is this guy just working out multiple times a day because I'd be bored eating out of my mind. You give me 23.5 hours a day, I'm going to end up playing video games and eating ice cream sandwiches. I barely sleep in March, I can't imagine doing this for 12 years. Just a crock of shit.