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Joe Judge Needs To Know Us Giants Fans Don't Care About His Spin Zone - We Are Worried, So Clean This Shit Up

Let me say this politely and the only correct way here. Fuck this. Shut up. I still like Joe Judge, but this? This bullshit about fixing stuff and telling us not to worry because he'll take care of it. Uhh, why? What has Joe Judge done to make me say oh gee whiz there goes Joey he'll fix it all. Let me sit back and enjoy my fall! No. You don't have that luxury, Joe. 

The mistakes are inexcusable. They are frankly JV level mistakes too. TWICE yesterday w fucked up coming out of a timeout. How does that happen? Had to take a false start (was about to be a delay of game) after our own timeout in the first half. Had to burn a time out after a WFT timeout because somehow we don't know how to lineup. What the fuck man? 

And then there was this. 

You're staring at the fucking ball! Joe Judge was a special teams coach! Don't tell me not to worry when you're a coach and this shit happens. Don't tell me not to worry when frankly, Joe Judge coached that game like a pussy. Settling for 50-yard field goals instead of going for it on 4th and short at some point. The play calling after the Bradberry INT should be reason enough to just give Jason Garrett a swirly and leave him at the stadium. PLAY TO WIN THE FUCKING GAME. Stop playing not to lose. The Giants needed a first down there at a minimum. WFT had 3 timeouts and the 2 minute warning. Instead, standard pussy ass play calling. Running play, running play, incomplete pass. Just complete failure from everyone. 

I blogged yesterday how I was begging Daniel Jones to shut me up. He played good enough yesterday. Didn't turn the ball over. Made the right call on some running plays. Threw a beautiful touchdown to Slayton. But then there were all the mistakes. Slayton dropped TD. The Giants giving up the sideline on 3rd down defensively. A couple missed throws. A couple more drops. Just fix this shit already, Joe. When you start winning games, I'll stop complaining. Most importantly don't spin zone this, don't talk all mighty. Win fucking football games.