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Washington Football Team Pre-Show Presented By Rachel Cook


Why is this blog presented by Rachel Cook? Why the fuck not, I say. 


Quick commercial break.





Don't you hate when they go commercial->kickoff->commercial? It's the worst. I just did the blog form of that. It's the best.





Ok so, football game tonight. The Football Team vs the Gmen. I'm expecting a massacre. Like, an absolute massacre. The WFT barely got a pinky on Justin Herbert on Sunday, and I'm expecting the opposite tonight. I'm expecting Jack Del Rio to unleash the fury of 1,000 suns onto Daniel Jones. If his head isn't rolling down 495 by the 3rd quarter, something is very, very wrong. This defense should be dismantling Daniel Jones limb by limb all game. Parents should have to be required by law to put their children to sleep because it's unsuitable for their eyes. That's what I need today. 



Commercial before my final thoughts.







Took me 8 years but this is a much better way of doing a live blog. That's what is so great about me, always evolving. 

Quick break. 



Final thoughts: Washington rolls 27-13. 



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