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Tee Higgins Is Changing His Number Because He's Doesn't Want People Calling Him Ochocinco 2.0 Anymore

[PFT] - “I keep seeing on Twitter, ‘Ochocinco 2.0,'” Higgins said, via Ben Baby of ESPN. “I don’t want to be a 2.0. No disrespect to Chad. He’s a great receiver, this and that. I just don’t want to be a 2.0 for myself, man. I want to be Tee Higgins, 1.0, number five.”

And now a live look at Ocho

Listen, I don't blame Tee Higgins here. 85 is synonymous with Ochocinco. Sort of the rule when a guy changes his legal name to the number. Can't really shake that. However, for anyone who has ever played sports knows you have YOUR number. That's sacred. Look at how many stories are out there of guys changing teams and giving gifts or money to get their number from someone who already has it. So seeing someone call you Ochocinco 2.0 would be aggravating, especially since Higgins is pretty damn good too. 

I also can't think of two people wildly different than Ocho and Higgins. I don't even know if I can tell you what Higgins sounds like. Pretty sure he just goes and gets like 70 yards and a touchdown every game playing with Burrow. Meanwhile Ocho, well, we know Ochocinco. 

Not to mention 5 is a sick number for a receiver. Really it's a sick number for a playmaker. Impossible to not see 5 on the football field and not think of Reggie Bush at USC. 

Or LaDainian Tomlinson at TCU

I still rebuke him having the nickname LT. That's Lawrence Taylor. LDT is fine though. The point being number 5 plays if you're a good playmaker. You already have Ja'Marr Chase wearing 1 for the Bengals. Seems unfair to have two good receivers wearing good numbers. Worked for him at Clemson too. 

Big time miss here though.