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I'm Just A Giants Fan Begging For Daniel Jones To Shut My Mouth Up And Prove Me Wrong

I'm just a blogger currently sitting in a recliner in my office begging for one thing and one thing only. Daniel Jones to prove me wrong. I hate being wrong. I never want to be wrong. Being right is my favorite thing in the world. That said, I've been screaming about Daniel Jones since the moment he was drafted. 

But I'm trying something different this year. I'm trying to back our quarterback. I want it to work out. I need it to work out. I'm sick of losing. I'm sick of the memes and jokes. I'm sick of the Giants being irrelevant. Well the best way for that to happen is for Daniel Jones to play like the 6th overall pick. For Daniel Jones to play like the next franchise quarterback. He has a chance tonight. He's undefeated against WFT. He always looks good whenever he plays against WFT even if it means costing the Giants Chase Young. 

There's plenty of blame to go around. Jason Garrett is pitiful. We've whiffed on draft picks left and right over the years. But it's still the NFL. You need solid quarterback play to win. Plain and simple. There are weapons for Danny to use. The offensive line is even getting shifted around, which yeah not great, but it's something to try. 

I'm just begging Danny to not turn the ball over, especially when it's a back breaking turnover. I'm begging for some unique play calling besides a 2-yard rush on 1st down followed by a short pass, incompletion and a punt. Give me something, anything. For the love of God just stop making the Giants suck. 

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