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Rediscovering America Was The Funniest Content Vertical I've Been A Part Of At Barstool Sports

When we were filming Surviving Barstool about 10 months back, I didn't really know Nick Turani on any personal level at all. Just knew of his existence and had never really interacted with him. It didn't take too long to quickly figure out that he's a complete wild card who's hell bent on fucking with people non-stop. To this day cameras can be on or off and I'll assume he's trying to put me in a mental pretzel. We could be getting Starbucks at 830am, Nick would offer to pay for the coffee, and immediately I'd assume it's some sort of way to fuck with me. He heightens my spidey sense like crazy.

I do think our personalities and "characters" vibe together though. I had already done plenty of shit with Donnie and had met KB a bunch of times, but after getting to know Nick a little bit I knew I had to force myself onto Rediscovering America. That's basically what I did. I texted Nick and said "I'm going on Rediscovering America with you guys like it or not" and that turned into the video above. 

I'm trying to figure out the least douchey way to say this because I was in the series, but it's impossible to come off as not douchey, so I'm just gonna say the first thing that pops into my head - when I watched the final edit I was in tears. I thought it was laugh out loud funny start to finish. Those three weirdos and I work well together IMO. I truly think it was the funniest content vertical I've been a part of at Barstool, and there's not a close second. 

While we filmed it there were plenty of laugh out loud moments, and we lucked out in stumbling across some WILD characters, but it wasn't until I saw the final cut a few days ago that I realized what a home run it was. With all do respect to everyone at Surviving Barstool, the 5 or so days I spent with the Rediscovering America team was the most fun I've had working at Barstool. Corey Rutledge and his team murdered the edit. It was incredible. After I got done watching the final cut, I texted Nick and said I thought it could be sold to Netflix or some shit if we wanted to, but we don't. It's got its rightful home at Barstool Sports. 

Enjoy. I'm forcing myself onto as much of this series as possible. I just need to get a passport with KB so I can boondoggle my way to Italy so we can Rediscover Rome or something. 

Wonder what Sahara Dodge is doing right now?