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Shame On 'Rolling Stone' For Thinking There's 323 Songs Better Than Scenes From An Italian Restaurant

Erroneous! Erroneous on both counts! So for some reason this list was trending all day yesterday on Twitter-I think it's because Rolling Stone often updates it as more and more songs are created throughout time which very much makes sense so I'd have to assume this is the most updated version. As soon as I saw it I set out on a distinct mission as if I was Elmer Fudd and Scenes from An Italian Restaurant was Buggs Bunny. A man on a mission some would say!

Now I know I live in my little Long Island bubble so I figured the greatest 7 minutes this Earth has to offer wouldn't be top 50, although I did check just to confirm. No big deal. Top 50 is of course top of the line. So I figured 100-51 is very, very, very fair yet as I keep scrolling there's nothing to be seen. As we advance forward I realize these fuckers won't even have this jam in the top 200. Not in the top 200!  In the 200's they literally have the Backstreet Boys. The fucking BACKSTREET BOYS!!!! They are literally telling me I want it that way is a better song than Scenes from an Italian Restaurant. You may think I'm kidding but I just gagged typing out that whole sentence. Disgusting.

And AT LONG LAST we finally arrive to what we're looking for at #324. THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FOUR. There's simply no way in fucking hell that there's 323 songs better than Scenes from an Italian Restaurant. There just isn't. That's like saying Ken Griffey Jr. is the 324th best baseball player of all-time. Is he the definitive GOAT? Of course not, some people sure he think he is and a lot of folks do but he sure is not 324th!!!! God I'm so mad at Rolling Stone.