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Poor Ronaldo Had To Move Mansions Less Than A Week After Living There Because Sheep Kept Waking Him Up

[The Sun] - Ronaldo escaped his baaing woe by moving into a £3million seven-bed owned by a former Man United star.

A security team had whisked the Man Utd legend and his family to a £6million home in 23 acres days after sealing his return to United.

But the striker, partner Georgina Rodriguez, 27, and their four children moved out after less than a week due to the racket from sheep and security fears.

A source said: “While the property is beautiful and is nestled in rolling fields and woodland, it was also close to sheep which are very noisy early in the morning.

I know most people will think I'll just sit here and make fun of Ronaldo for this move. But let me tell you something. I get it. There is absolutely nothing worse than not getting a good night sleep. It's even worse when something you can't control keeps waking you up. It's all I could think about last week in NYC. I think I slept a total of 6 hours over two nights because there's just consistent construction and beeping. Give me a quiet space with the TV on sleep timer and the fan going on high to go to sleep. That's the only correct way.

And listen, we know Ronaldo is a freak when it comes to this stuff. Teammates are afraid to eat desert around him. I'm pretty sure he trains 16 hours a day. Teammates are scared to go to his house for lunch because of what he eats and how he mocks people for eating different. Manchester United brought him back to relive greatness. You think you're getting greatness when a bunch of sheep are keeping him awake? I don't think so. I assume Ronaldo tried to hush them like he did Iran fans a couple years ago. 

Still can't believe Iran fans were soft enough to listen to him. If you're going to go nuts to try and ruin Ronaldo you can't listen to him quiet you down. You get louder. Fan rule number 1 right there. 

Now what I can't relate to is going mansion to mansion for a couple million pounds. Nope, people like us just have to deal with it. White noise machines, turn the TV up, anything possible to drown out the sound and get some sleep. Gotta get a solid few hours to blog. 

I'm just worried about how Georgina was sleeping though.