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Denis Villeneuve, One Of The Greatest Working Directors, Said Marvel Movies Are A Cut And Paste Of Other Films

In an interview with El Mundo for the upcoming release of Dune, Villeneuve opened up about his thoughts on the world of MCU filmmaking. The director shared his belief that the films are far too similar to one another and that the roster has past its acceptable limit of installments. See Villeneuve's translated comments below:

"There are too many Marvel movies that are nothing more than a cut and paste of others."

In case you read the title of this blog and thought: "Who is Denis Villeneuve?", let me show you. 

He is arguably the most consistently great filmmaker in the game right now. Just look at that filmography! He's only been in the big leagues for a decade and already has 2 of my top 26 best movies of all time, plus one of the best alien features ever in 'Arrival' AND maybe the career-best performances of both Hugh Jackman and Jake G in the thriller 'Prisoners'. Beyond the huge ensemble cast, this is why 'Dune' has the expectations it has. 

Anyway, what Denis said here is correct. There are plenty of Marvel movies that are amalgams of other storylines and familiar themes. I think there are also Marvel movies that are unique and have something to offer beyond the surface. Either way, Marvel movies are built for one main purpose: Entertaining people. I don't think the directors of a decent chunk of MCU movies went into them striving to make something crazy unique and special. They were more like line cooks serving up a delicious greasy burger. No need to overcomplicate that! 

Denis is a genius, and I will be 100% on board with any and all statements he has about the movie industry. Unless he tries to tell me that Hot Rod isn't a top-tier comedy, that is.