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Greta Van Fleet Might Be The Most Infectious Music I Have Ever Heard

I think one of the most triggered I saw listeners of the old Chaps and Kate Show was when I talked about not being a fan of rock and roll. I just never got into it. I grew up on Garth Brooks country, bluegrass, gospel, Tupac, Michael Bolton, and Boyz II Men. I never cared about rock. I guess the closest I came to caring about rock was Oasis. Shit slapped. I would listen to their tape over and over again in my yellow Sony walkman that I got as a Christmas Gift from my Nana. I loved that thing. I would steal batteries from every remote so I could keep on listening. That being said, I never gave ole Greta Van Fleet a try because rock wasn't my shit. "They sound like Zeplin" was not appealing to me in the slightest. Mistake.

My first real experience with them was based on memes and whathaveyou. I saw this dude, Josh, getting TikTok memed to death and I thought it was funny. But then something weird happened. I started to like the little 15-second clip. I started to hum along when it would pop up. Then I started searching for it. Then I played it in my truck. Now, I can stop listening to it. I'm not sure why. It's so far outside of what I would normally like but I love this shit. 


I think it's because the dude just has sex appeal off the charts. Sure. He dresses in a "weird" way but there's something appealing about folks who do things simply because that's what they like. The guitarist is his twin brother and when he's about to slay a riff (guitar lingo), Josh will say "Come on, Jakey!" Adorable. 

That song is the one I can't get out of my head. It's composed so beautifully. I wish I could sing like him. I mean, I get pretty fucking close but I need to work on the power behind it. 


Anyway, if you haven't given them a try because people say they suck and they became a meme, give it a go. It's fire. Pure fire. It's as simple as that. I'm a Greta head and I'm sorry but I won't apologize for that. 

I need to see them live. Need it.