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Just A Reminder That 2003 Will Always Be The Most Influential NBA Draft And It Has Nothing To Do With Being Loaded With Talent

The 2003 NBA Draft will always be the most influential of my lifetime and it simply isn't close. We'll get into the talent, but it's the fashion. I was 16 during the draft. You know what I wanted to do? Go buy even baggier clothes. Look at these dudes. I was a basketball player and thought maybe baggier suits and slacks would get me to the next level. At least I started with the shorts. The divisional champs t-shirt is way worse in my opinion, at least I won the shorts. And no I'm not 4'11" and no the shorts weren't sagging. 

Every person wearing pants that Tracy McGrady is jealous of. Every shoe covered. A bunch of massive jackets. Just a ridiculous look that we all considered normal. Kirk Hinrich is still my favorite. Looks like a kid who went to his dad's closet to pick out a suit for homecoming. 

Jennifer Pottheiser. Getty Images.

Look at this draft too! 

This doesn't include second round guys like Jason Kapono, Luke Walton, Steve Blake, Zaza, Mo Williams and Kyle Korver. Just a bunch of guys that played a decade in the league to go with LeBron, Melo, Wade, Bosh, etc. Loaded up and down. They changed the entire league from a talent perspective and with the fashion. 

I loved listening to Melo talk about it. Just downright disgusted that he wore something like that. There was nothing like the early-mid 2000s. The music was fire. We had AIM and MySpace. We had fashion. It's hard not to think of times like that. This is the most influential draft of our lifetime and it ain't close.