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Steve Cohen Is On The Twitter Streets Calling Out Anonymous Sources In A New York Post Article Criticizing Cohen And The Mets

Look at Bobby Axe going for the head! 

This all started after an article in The Post quoted an anonymous source saying the Mets were having trouble finding a new front office head honcho for a myriad of reasons:

The Mets are also marred by Alderson’s past two hires. In January, general manager Jared Porter was fired for sexual harassment of a female reporter during his Cubs tenure. Zack Scott was promoted from assistant to acting GM and on Aug, 31 was arrested in White Plains for DWI. He pleaded not guilty and is scheduled for a return to court next month. “They had these two hires, and it looks like they are in disarray,” the former executive said.

Finally, there is the billionaire Cohen himself, and his love affair with social media as a potential drawback to any prospective hire. “Cohen is out there tweeting about the organization and about stuff that he shouldn’t be tweeting about like he’s a fan,” the former executive said. “Why would somebody want to sign up for that? I think it’s a huge issue.”

Alderson, according to a source, recently told a confidant his preference would be to retain Luis Rojas as manager for next season given all the other potential upheaval within the front office. But that same source said Cohen and the new president of baseball operations (if one is hired) will likely have substantial input on the matter. A second source said Cohen — prior to purchasing the team — “really liked” Carlos Beltran’s hiring as manager before the 2020 season.

There is no better way to shoot down a source saying your tweets are a distraction to the franchise than by airing out the source on Twitter. True next level thinking by Uncle Stevie. That $14 billion didn't walk into his bank account by itself. It got there with thanks to his big ol' brain and balls.

If the media wants to keep fueling the LOLMets movement with anonymous potshots, they better get ready to have their sources exposed by the public with the promise of a night in the owner's suite at Citi Field suite as their prize, which kinda feels like when The Joker put a bounty on that rat fuck Reese's head in Dark Knight.


The Mets really went from having a clown as an owner to the craziest motherfucker in all of Gotham. You love to see it

One of my favorite things about the Cohen Era Mets has been the lack of leaks from the front office, which is kind of astonishing when you look back at the two mamalukes who held the title of Mets GM this year. But everyone was pretty much in the dark when it came to free agency, the trade deadline, or what the fuck is actually going on with Jacob deGrom's right arm. It may not be great for the struggling newspaper industry, but it can't be bad for the Mets who have been pushed around by writers and radio hosts forever. 

As we learned in Once Upon A Time In Queens the last couple of nights, if the Mets can just build a team the right way (Read: NOT the Wilpon way), it won't matter what anonymous sources tell writers. All New York cares about is winning. Now it's on Uncle Stevie to find his Frank Cashen and Davey Johnson (who are most certainly NOT Sandy Alderson and Luis Rojas) and watch the Mets rise again.

UPDATE: We got our source!


I have no clue who the fuck David Samson is, but I hope he is related to the Samson from Half Baked.

Sorry for getting that song stuck in your head the rest of the day

Ahhh bummer, it's the former President of the Miami Marlins, which is significantly less fun than a notorious New York City drug dealer.

Anyway, congrats to the 3 winners. Enjoy Uncle Stevie's luxury box and unlimited filet mignon! 

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