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UFC Legend Joseph Benavidez Announces His Retirement


Joe B Wan Kenobi has announced his retirement from mixed martial arts.

ESPN's Marc Raimondi broke the story yesterday after Joseph Benavidez was mysteriously removed from the UFC rankings, and got a quote from UFC president Dana White in which he said Benavidez was "a pillar of the lighter-weight divisions for years", and then added.... 

"Since joining WEC in 2008 and then UFC in 2011, he's used his unstoppable pace and nasty guillotine to remain at the top of two divisions for 13 years," White told ESPN. "His epic battles with Cruz, [Demetrious] Johnson and [Henry] Cejudo will never be forgotten. He was a constant professional and carried himself in a way that demanded respect from his peers."

....and that's putting it lightly. Joseph Benavidez is an absolute pioneer who displayed consistency and longevity in his career that will NOT be replicated often. He fought the best of the best and never backed down from a scrap, and is easily one of the most beloved fighters on the roster among other fighters/staff; your favorite fighter's favorite fighter kinda shit.


I've been lucky enough to get to know Joseph personally over the last few years, and can say that he and his wife, Megan Olivi, have truly been some of the most supportive people I've ever met. They've always been around to answer my questions, give me advice, do stuff with Barstool, and even recommend movies/shows back and forth. 

We've done interviews in their home, sketches in the shitty old office, podcasts in the new office, and more together - and I'm sure that'll continue when they visit New York - but now there won't be a pit in my stomach knowing my friend has a fight coming up. 

Congratulations on a phenomenal career, Joe B!