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'The Challenge: Spies, Lies And Allies' Week 6 Recap And Power Rankings: The Entire House Is Back To Old School Fighting

*Spoilers Obviously Ahead. Again, this is your warning* 

We're going to keep these blogs going. If we can't have No Quitters (RIPIP, send all complaints on Twitter) we're going to have the blog damnit. The Challenge is too damn good of a show to not be talked about. Each Thursday I'll drop one of these recaps and power rankings so we all can argue about America's fifth sport. I'll try to convince the other guys to do something from time to time because something tells me this season is going on for months. 

Josh is fighting .... and fucking?

I ... uh, I can't believe I'm going to say this. Credit to Josh. Don't get me wrong, he's still a moron but he's hooking up with Esther, he's fighting Fessy, he's making a little bit of sense. I never expected to be praising Josh for making some smart moves and having a little fun but here we are. Don't know if that says more about the cast this season or if Josh is making some changes. Maybe it's just the fact I'm happy the 'Big Brother Alliance' is splitting up because Fessy is a moron. But really that's been one of my biggest problems with the show. It's becoming Big Brother. That's not why I started watching it all those years back. Give me more of this old school stuff that reminds me of the morons that made it lovable. 

Everyone is getting annoyed that Amber keeps complaining 

I'm a huge Amber B fan. She won the title with CT last season and now she's basically got the entire house bitching at her. This is all stemming from her getting pissed a few episodes back that Fessy threw her into the Lair. She has a point. They were supposed to be part of the alliance and she didn't get the heads up. I typically say there's no need to give a heads up, but if you're part of an alliance you should get one. Amber hasn't shut up about it and it's starting to annoy everyone. I honestly hope she keeps drilling it home. It led to her getting a drink thrown on her from Esther and apparently that was the most egregious act of all time. I will ride or die with Amber though. She pisses off Fessy, she rubs her title around, she's a smoke too. 

Cory and Tori with elite shit stirring

Cory and Tori figured out how to get this season rolling. They decided to tell Amber that Fessy ate her pizza. Genius move. You know what people love in this house? Fucking pizza when they are drunk. That led to the whole Amber vs Fessy fighting and then Amber vs Esther and then Fessy vs Josh. Honestly, I was surprised that Devin wasn't a part of it but it was still elite shit stirring. That's the old school show too. There was always someone in the house looking to stir shit up and cause fighting. We got that again. 

The daily challenge sucked, but TJ is still so cool

The challenge itself was a decent idea. Strap them to a car, spin them around and make them figure out a puzzle essentially. However, it SUCKED for viewing purposes. It was boring. It was too long. I honestly checked out during it. But that gif of TJ? Way too cool not to post. 

Obligatory CT in a car

Listen if there's a challenge with CT and a car, you have to post this image. It's iconic. Ripping a dart during a daily challenge. Goddamn this is what caused me to fall in love with the show. 

Please get Emy out of here

She's annoying and just the worst

Rookies that need to be on the show going forward

Ed, Hughie, Logan, Emanuel, Esther, Berna

Nelson hammering pizza during the fight was perfect

The best part was this was as Josh and Fessy were screaming about Fessy fucking over Nelson. The man was just eating pizza, watching a fight and next thing you know his name is being thrown around. It's easy to make fun of Nelson because he always acts like he's interviewing for a movie but this was just a perfect image. We've all been there, especially in college. 


Bringing back some No Quitters special with the daily MVP/LVP vote. 

MVP - Josh, fuck

LVP - Berna

Power Rankings


12. Jeremiah

11. Hughie

10. Nelson

9. Kyle

8. Logan 

7. Josh

6. Cory 

5. Ed

4. Fessy

3. Devin

2. Emanuel

1. CT


12. Emy

11. Priscilla

10. Bettina

9. Big T

8. Nany

7. Esther

6. Amanda

5. Berna 

4. Ashley

3. Tori

2. Kaycee

1. Amber B.


12. Hughie/Emy

11. Jeremiah/Big T

10. Nelson/Priscilla

9. Cory/Bettina

8. Logan/Nany

7. Kyle/Amanda

6. Josh/Ashley

5. Fessy/Esther

4. Emanuel/Kaycee

3. Ed/Tori

2. CT/Berna

1. Devin/Amber B