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Your Brain Will Break Watching How Fast Trea Turner Ran Last Night

My brain cannot comprehend how this video above wasn't sped up. It's like halfway through the clip someone leaned on the fast forward button and ZOOM there went Trea Turner. I cannot in good faith make an infield single to second base a must watch video on this website, but you bet your ass I thought about it! It wasn't even a slow dribbler or anything like that, we're talking a three hopper to second and this motherfucker beats it out from the right handed hitter's batter's box like it's nobody's business. Absolutely preposterous. Look at the stats behind it too...

Dude's running a 3.76 pace for a 40 yard dash 3/4 of the way. That's not supposed to happen with human beings. 

Also let's pay homage to the man's deceleration too. If I ran that fast and tried to put on the breaks to stop before hitting the grass my legs would spontaneously combust. Turner slowed it down with ease. I cannot stop watching that video. What I would to be able to run like that and slide like this. 

You can basically run the world with both abilities as far as I'm concerned. Trea opts to just be really awesome at baseball which is respectable. Dude is was of the more must watch baseball players that not enough people talk about. 

P.S. Not to get on Mush here, but we had an episode of The Short Porch a little ways back where Trea Turner's number 1 skill came up and I adamantly said it was his speed because well…he's one of the fastest players in baseball, if not THE fastest. Mush argued saying it wasn't the first thing that popped in his head and we battled on it. Quite frankly it's all I think of with him. His name literally translates to 'fast' in the dictionary. His nickname at NC State was Seabiscuit for crying out loud.