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Rosario Dawson Just Jumped The Barricade And Attacked Malakai Black At AEW Dynamite

Alright, maybe she didn't *JUMP* the barricade - they kinda just moved it outta the way for her - but make no mistake about it, Ahsoka coulda jumped the barricade if she wanted to....

After being singled-out and intimidated by Malikai Black for being apart of the Nightmare Family (because she hosts the 'Go Big Show' with Cody Rhodes), Rosario Dawson decided she had heard enough from the front row, and went after him! She jumped on his back and applied a sleeper while Cody made his way through the crowd for the rescue. 

Shoulda expected this after the Star Wars inspired introduction to this feud, I guess!

As a huge fan of BOTH 'The Mandalorian' and 'Clerks II' - I was DELIGHTED to see Rosario make an appearance on a wrestling show tonight, and went full Rick Dalton on my couch….

Hopefully Vince calls in CGI Mark Hamill in attempt to one-up this next week….