Cedric Mullins Went Way Up And Over The Fence For The Home Run Robbery Of The Year!!!

I don't care that the Orioles are the worst team in baseball. I don't care they're more than 50 games under .500. Cedric Mullins should get MVP votes strictly because he does stuff like this. Not only is he about to be a 30/30 guy after being demoted to AA 2 years ago, he's a gold glove caliber defender and may have just made the home run robbery of the year. Not only is he a great story, he's an unbelievable player. Sanchez smokes this ball to center and Mullins makes the perfect play on it. Climbs the wall, hangs there with his back completely towards the infield and brings the ball back over the fence. He's amazing. He's absolutely amazing. He's what, 5'7? But you wouldn't know it with the way he plays. I thought he made the catch of the year here, I was wrong. He went wayyyyyy up and over the fence to get this one. One of the best catches at Camden Yards in some time. And shout out to the fans there for NOT stealing the ball from him. Incredible play by an awesome player. The best outfielder in baseball is an Oriole, what a world.