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Another Top-5 Recruit Commits To Kentucky Proving Yet Again Coach Cal Is Simply Back To Dominating College Hoops

What's there left to say? Coach Cal is giving the world a masterclass in dominating college hoops this summer. He acknowledged how pathetic last year was - something other coaches could learn how to do. What does he do? Changes everything. Brings in Orlando Antigua and Chin Coleman. Immediately brings in Sahvir Wheeler, Kellan Grady and CJ Fredrick to help him play a more modern offense. Now? Well he's quite simply building a recruiting class that has barely been done before. 

You hear that? That's Calipari remembering who he is and who Kentucky is. That's Calipari adjusting even more next year with plans to play four guards. He's adjusting on the fly and oh you just love to see it. I've said it before, but everyone should hate Kentucky. Everyone wants to be our program and Calipari is getting back to that. No more hat on the table bullshit. Go after the guys we're getting and build something again. Today it's Chris Livingston. 

We're baaaaccckkkk.