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Detroit Hustles Harder: Video Goes Viral Of Panhandlers Getting Into Brand New Car After A Hard Days Work

Cue the music.

Bouncing in the Lex Luger, tires smoke like Buddha
50 G's to the crap-shooter

This is so Detroit it hurts. 

A city whose people pride themselves on fighting and clawing for everything. "Earning it". 

Haters will say this is nothing but a bunch of lowlife scammers. But this is the definition of hustling. 

You think it's easy to park your ass on a milk carton every day trying not to throw up in your own mouth from the stench of your own BO? Asking the working class suckers who walk by for loose change over and over and over? 

That might break a weaker-minded man. 

Not these two gentlemen though.

There used to be this middle-aged guy who would sit on the corner of Lake and Michigan every Monday-Friday all day long with a cat on a leash. It fucking infuriated me. I would see him some mornings when I was walking by get out of a car that some girl drove. She would drop him off in the morning around 8 and he would unload all his stuff out of the trunk. He had a carpet he'd sit on, his cat carrier, a water and food bowl for the cat, bunch of junk. He'd set up shop, then sit Indian style and start begging. And he'd be there til' rush hour ended 9 or 10 hours later. Was bonkers. I wanted to hate it because "if he was willing to sit there and beg for that long every day then why couldn't he just get a real job?" but this was so much worse than any shit job could be I had to respect it. People are nuts.

The famous saying goes "if you walk into a room and can't spot the sucker, then it's you." 

If you gave these guys money only to watch them later climb into their new Ford then 

Giphy Images.

p.s. - real talk here. It is ALWAYS a good thing to support and look out for the less fortunate. 

Every person has their own story, and you don't know what people have been through and the battles they face. 

Which makes a story like this that much worse. 

People that seem to have it pretty decent (I'm no car expert but that looks to be a newer model Ford Focus to me) taking advantage of kindhearted people are the absolute worst. The couple that filmed this video and providing the commentary see them the same hours, every day in the same place. Basically, a job.

The video already has over 42,000 views and people in the comment section are going off on them:

These guys are there every day. I go past at least 5 out of 7 days. Assholes. They are portraying themselves one way. When u have younger children who feel that they are in serious need and pull money out of their own pockets. Money that they have worked hard to get. Then u see them walking over getting into a newer vehicle, most likely laughing all the way to the bank. I just feel there are people that really need it. There is a man in the underpass of telegraph and 8 mile. He never begs, I have dropped off supplies, food, water and coffee.