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CHAMPIONSHIP WEDNESDAY IS HERE - Spittin' Chiclets College Gaming Tournament Day 1 Recap


Let me start the blog with this - I couldn't be more excited for Grinnelli to rock some Gametime merch for a week in HQ. Prior to the BC/BU matchup, Grinnelli and I made a bet and the loser would have to wear the winner's merch for a week in HQ. I took BU as my team of the tournament from the start and Grinnelli wanted to take the Eagles. Unfortunately for him, BU absolutely SMOKED BC and won my wager. Grinnelli's going to look good next week, I promise.

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Day 1 Recap 


BU had the cleanest jerseys in the tournament and came out hot against BC. They ended up beating Duluth in round 2 which ended up being the craziest series of the tournament. With .4 seconds last, down a goal - Duluth tied the game and ended up forcing a game 3. MADNESS.

BU earned their spot in the semi-finals tonight and they'll be facing off against Minnesota who looked completely dominant throughout their first two rounds taking down St. Cloud and Arizona State.

So one semi-final matchup is set - Boston University vs Minnesota

On the other side of the bracket we had Michigan State and New Hampshire making their way through to the semis. UNH had a massive watch party supporting the boys competing.

At this time, UNH and BU look like the favorites for the finals matchup, but as we know - ANYTHING could happen tonight. 


See you at 7pm tonight on and Spittin' Chiclets YouTube.

MRags' Pick - BU

Grinnelli's Pick - New Hampshire