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Christian Yelich Bought 10,000 Tickets For The Cardinals Series And Gave Them All Away To The Fans

Christian Yelich is a man of the people. He wants the Brewers ballpark PACKED for this series vs the Cardinals, but he doesn’t want it to be St. Louis fans. So he bought 10,000 tickets for the series vs the Cards and was giving them away to Brewers fans for free. Pretty cool move if you ask me. I won’t comment on a team 35 games over .500 needing to give away 10,000 tickets for free in order to get fans there, cuz throwing stones in glass houses, you get it. Mostly he bought the tickets as a “Thank You” to the fans though. They went on “sale” at 10 AM and were first come first serve and boy oh boy did they go quick. The website went down for a bit, it was a whole thing. But you’d expect them to go quick, this team is really good and the series vs the Cards should be a good one, why wouldn’t you want to go support them?

Could that money from Yelich have been used to take his friends on a shopping spree? Sure, but this is much cooler. I’m sure we’ll see some other players take a page out of his book and do something similar. Just another reason that he’s awesome.