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Jacksonville Just Loves Shit Designs

Well, here we go again. Smart North Florida, an organization in Jacksonville, has just released their new logo. 

It's not just bad. It's shitty. 

According to their website, Shart, excuse me, "Smart North Florida focuses resource investment in three areas: regional collaboration, data coordination and smart technology." This may just be me not appreciating local government jargon full of $5 SAT words, but that sounds worse than a Prestige Worldwide sales pitch. Investors? Possibly you! 

This will come as no surprise to Frank the Tank, but Smart North Florida started as an outgrowth of the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization (TPO). Of course! It had to be transportation related.

The JAX Chamber twitter account has since deleted their tweet and Smart North Florida just straight up deleted their entire account. That's probably for the best. If you go on twitter thinking no one is going to call out your SHART logo, you're gonna have a bad time. I'm a little disappointed they didn't ride it out though. If they played their twitter cards right, they could have laughed at themselves, asked for design submissions, maybe actually got a good logo out of it, and received not only attention, but admiration. Now, it's just jokes and it will only be jokes about the horrible SHART logo that somehow only everyone outside their organization could see. A little advice from Duggs. First, don't make a logo that resembles anything close to the word "Shit". Second, if you do do that (see what I did there?), at least have some fun with it.

This in no way compares to the atrocity that will be the Derp Statue, but it is another sad example that north Florida just can't seem to identify bad designs. Do better, Jacksonville! Do better.