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VIDEO: These Puppies Cuddling With Each Other Is All The Afternoon Caffeine You Need

Look, I assume this video is probably like 10 years old. I know it's more than likely recycled and that a ton of people have prolly seen it already. But guess what? I haven't seen it, and if I haven't seen it, then there's gotta be others who also haven't seen it as well and this is a gift from me to you to brighten your day. Just a bunch of little puff balls of fluffy happiness taking little puppy snoozes. All I wanna do is roll around and frolic in the grass with all of these little angels. Who wouldn't? Besides Eddie because he hates dogs, but anyone else who watches this video instantly has a melting heart. Just adorable through and through. I hope whoever took this video kept the whole litter, these pups love each other so much you can't possibly separate them. Dogs are the absolute best

Also I have the best looking dog on the planet