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Carmelo Anthony Says He Still Watches The "I'm Coming Home" Knicks Video All The Time

Stars, they're just like us! But seriously, hearing that Melo still watches the I'm Coming Home video to this day like countless other Knicks fans looking for a few quick goosebumps brought such a smile to my face. That dude won a national championship for my childhood college hoops team and demanded a trade to my favorite NBA team. But the way his Knicks tenure ended with the playoff drought and cryptic #STAYME7O Instagram posts throughout the losses was such a bummer to live through.

However time heals all wounds, especially when you spend that time watching the greatest hype video in the history of sports.


Of course Melo still loves watching that video because it was absolutely perfect and whoever made it is probably be in charge of The Oscars or a movie studio or whatever the pinnacle of video making is. It was so well done, everyone not from the DMV area forgot that Melo was seen as the prodigal son of Baltimore. If I had a video 1/100th as good as that announcing that I was heading to Barstool back in 2015, I would watch it as a fluffer during the very limited lonely time I get at home. Instead, the announcement of me joining the pirate ship as my actual gig was Portnoy saying "Oh yeah, Clem starts full time on Monday" at the end of an episode of The Rundown. A nice gesture nonetheless, but not quite the vibe of Melo's first night at MSG as a Knick.

Giphy Images.

Anyway for those that haven't listened to it, the entire Melo interview was fucking awesome and on my personal Mount Rushmore (see what I did there?) of PMT interviews. Clearly that is saying a lot considering how those crazy SOBs always get entertaining stories and bits out of even guests you would never expect it from. But this interview with Melo was awesome and a must listen if you are a fan of Syracuse, the Knicks, the Bulls, the NBA, sports in general, or just like to hear a couple of people chat for a bit.