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Surveillance Expert Goes Viral For Exposing How Easy It Is For Creeps To Hide Cameras At The Airbnb You Just Stayed At


Reply to @safarijackza How to find hidden cameras in AirBnBs #safety #travel

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DENVER (KDVR) — A viral video on TikTok is trending after a cyber security expert showed viewers how easy it is for Airbnb hosts and hotels to hide surveillance cameras in their properties without guests knowing.

Spy Catchers LLC, a professional technical surveillance countermeasures company, works with people to help track hidden devices such as surveillance cameras.

Like in the TikTok video, Ham says guests who are staying at an Airbnb or a hotel can easily find any recording devices (if there are any), by shining a light into a hidden camera lens.

I go back and forth on being spied on quite frequently. On the one hand, there's 7 billion something people in this world and every single one of us is a weirdo. The other night I sat on my couch in boxers, listened to Wonderwall maybe 3 dozen times in a row while watching Friday Night Lights season 1 and having a one-sided conversation with my dog about the relationship dynamics of Tim-Jason-Lyla. For all measures that's just a weird person doing weird stuff and it makes me completely normal. 

On the other hand, I don't like the idea of someone enjoying my free time more than me. Like if I'm cracking stick, you can't then turnaround and crack it to me cracking it. And that's not even a privacy thing. I really just think it's unfair for you to piggyback off my horniness. Give a man some space for chrissakes. 

That's weird I don't remember installing 26 discrete HD cameras in the rental

Reminds me one time my buddy got married in wine country. They rented out some fancy pants $15M mansion on a private vineyard with all the bells and whistles. Real intimate wedding party with a lot of time at the vineyard doing things like gassing unlabeled bottles of wine and watching the sun go up and down. It was perfectly relaxing and scenic and all that good shit. 

Then the owner started calling. "Hey just checking in. Want to make sure you got the rules and regs on the house." 

"Yeah buddy thanks for checking in" - groom

<6 hours later>… ring ring 

"Hey just making sure you guys got all the information about Do's and Don'ts with the house. My wife was making sure you knew about no shoes upstairs and to keep all food/drink in the kitchen." 

"For sure man. We're great. House is awesome. Thanks for the hospitality." 

… ring ring 

"Hey guys wanted to call one more time about the furniture. Really important that you don't move anything around the house, even just moving a table or a lamp. Please make sure the house stays in order." 

"Dude are you fucking watching us?"

One of the groomsman found a camera. Then another. Then it just turned into this bizarre reality that some mega fucking rich dude is sitting in a command center toggling joysticks and supervising the group's 4-day stay. But let me remind you this isn't a 3-bed in Lincoln Park. This is a 9-bed estate on dozens of acres in the Sonoma countryside that's about to host a wedding that's been planned for 8 months. It's a tight rope of emotions. The father of the groom was prepared for a fistfight while others feared forcible eviction. For all the shit they get, rich guys are so much better at threatening people than you want to admit. The internal debate about what to do with the cameras soared. We'll get charged extra. We'll get sued. They'll call the police. 

Ultimately we settled on partying our dicks off. We got into the private wine stash. Somebody might have pocketed a family picture while an uncle unsuccessfully tried to upper deck the downstairs powder room. In his defense he was a shade over 13 months off a knee replacement. It's the thought that counts. 

Anyways that was a great wedding even with the surveillance. We made a conscious decision to rise above the conflict and go scorched Earth while we enjoyed the veiled protections of home-state jurisdiction. You want those damages? Come out to Cook County and file a complaint in the circuit courts. In the meantime I'll be over here uncorking another 1973 bordeaux. It tastes like shit.