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'He Was The Gold Standard' - Do Yourself A Favor And Watch Seth Meyers Reflect On The Career Of Norm MacDonald

There's not much to say about Norm Macdonald that hasn't already been said. But this coming from Seth Meyers, a guy who was on Weekend Update, a segment that Norm dominated just stuck with me today when I heard this. Seth sort of puts it perfectly, it doesn't matter what Norm did, it was comedic gold. It could be something as simple as not going on the cards or a quick one-liner about his son not understanding time. When you hear Norm deliver the joke, you laughed. He was unbelievable at making people uncomfortable only to hit them with the punch line. There will never be someone else like Norm. 

I know there have been a ton of big names to host Weekend Update. You're talking about Chevy Chase, Kevin Nealon, Dennis Miller, Colin Quinn, Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, Amy Poehler, Seth Meyers to now Michael Che and Colin Jost. But no one will ever top Norm for me. He was the Weekend Update host as I was really getting into SNL and would go back and watch replays. 

Then there was Celebrity Jeopardy, which will always be something I remember. 

Here's what everyone else had to say about Norm on the blog so far: