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Die Trying Is Back: Its Time To Ride a Bull

I couldn't be more excited to be back filming Die Trying again. Tonight for Ep 2 I am going to attempt to ride a bull. I spent yesterday "training", which entitled of going up and down on a steel barrel for 30 minutes. I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty intimidated. I got up close to the bull I'll be riding and man is it a BIG animal. It's 2000 lbs of beef trying to throw me in the air and rip me apart, but everyone has told me that they can sense fear and that they will take advantage of that so I'm trying to remain as confident as possible. There's not much else I can do besides get on the thing and have at it. See you on the other side 

Oh, I forgot to mention I'll also be bullfighting after I ride, that's where you stand in the middle of the arena and wait for a bull to charge at you, trying to juke it at the last minute. That I'm nervous for. That might suck. Peace out 

If you haven't seen it here is die trying Ep 1: The Battle Of The Buses