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Harley Quinn's Escape Scene From The Suicide Squad Kicks Off Your Morning

I needed a little bit of content to chew on after yet another mind numbingly frustrating Giants loss last night, so I figured watching Harley Quinn turn a bunch of Corto Maltesian soldiers into Swiss cheese as a David Lee Roth classic cover played in the background. And you know what? I feel better. I don't feel good or meh or even awful. I’m not sure if it was seeing other people having pain inflicted upon them or because I unknowingly have a kink of watching Margot Robbie appear to fart flowers. But I feel sliiiiightly better than I did before I watched this video, which feels like a tiny victory in a life full of giant L’s.

Obligatory My Mom’s Basement plug for our recap of The Suicide Squad

Have a great Friday everybody. Or don’t. Whatever you want. Fuck this shit.

Barstool Confession: I wrote this blog for a Mets loss a couple of nights ago but forgot to publish it. Then the Giants trumped that lost by a million times. Sports suck