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Guy Gets Dressed Up As Michael Meyers, Promptly Arrested

So a Texan Attorney decided to dress up as Mike Meyers and go "pranking" on a beach before a tropical storm was about to hit. The individual Mark Metzger is a controversial attorney who you can tell doesn't have much work currently on his hands so he needs to get a new case to work on (himself).

This is a type of psyche I will never figure out. Just deciding one day you're going to put on a mask and creep the fuck out of everyone for an unknown purpose. Maybe this is just a glorified publicity stunt for the attorney. "Look I got away with running around scaring people and got out of the disorderly conduct charges." He can definitely leverage this to a commercial to convince others to use his services.

Upon further inspection, this lawyer also was a Marine, played football at Texas A&M, and was the lawyer who absolved all the bikers at that infamous Waco shootout where no one was arrested because no one would cooperate with the police. 

The guy sure likes to cosplay in dress-up like that last photo shows. In my honest opinion, this is way too Halloween-y for how nice it is outside and is giving me too early Halloween vibes. I am not ready to think about Halloween right now. If I want to I can still go swim at the beach if it's over 75 degrees.