Apparently Nick Saban Loves A Good "Deez Nuts" Joke

"Not that I can think of right now because he has so many but there are a few I like. He always talkin bout 'touch these' or you know 'suck on these' and all that"

That was Alabama junior safety Jordan Battle answering the question "what are some of your favorite quips of Saban's?"

Ohhhh boy. This poor kid. This poor, poor kid. This poor team, really. First off they go three and out in their first series last Saturday against Mercer and were only up 30 at half. Now we got guys telling everyone about how Saban loves to tell people to suck on deez nuts? All during Florida week on the road? My god they're in for a RUDE ass awakening. Even the SID in the background couldn't help himself. 

"Nope! Nope!" desperately trying to save Battle, himself, and the rest of the Alabama football team from certain damnation. I'm honestly surprised the dude didn't just sprint up to the podium screaming before knocking Battle off his spot so it would be a greater distraction than Battle's answer. It shouldn't be surprising, though. To be fair, no shit Saban loves those jokes because the man has been absolutely dragging and dropping his nuts all over CFB for the last almost 15 years. 

I'm not sure when Saban talks to the media every week, but ohhhh buddy I cannot WAIT for the follow up to this one.