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American Soccer Keeps Dominating The World - Jordan Pefok Destroys Manchester United's Soul With A 95th Minute Goal

Oh you love to see this. First, you always love to see Manchester United lose, especially in heartbreaking fashion. Second, you love to see American Jordan Pefok be the reason why. Seconds remaining the match, no big deal. Just apply a little pressure and calmly score. That's what we do. 5 points in the window to qualify for the World Cup and now we have Jordan Pefok destroying Manchester United's soul during Champions League group stage. Do I care that Manchester United was playing with 10 men? No that's their fault. Don't get a straight red card in the first half. This is what happens when you do that. You don't just go to Switzerland and expect to beat Young Boys. I don't even care if it's the first game of group stage. Any time Manchester United loses and any time it's because someone from American soccer is the reason why I'm going to be amped up. 

I'm a huge fan of Pefok too. He saw some time during the qualifiers. He's a big body that can help control up front. Yeah, Ricardo Pepi should be the one getting all the attention, but Pefok is the exact sort of dude USMNT needs to keep growing. 

I gotta admit something though. Walk-off goals like this where you basically have the kick off and the whistle blows are way better than penalty kicks. I'm not even anti-penalty kick. There's just something about the clock and you're doing the counting in your head about how many seconds are left before you see this turnover. Then it's mayhem. 

US soccer is ready to dominate the world. 2022 and 2026 World Cups here we come.

PS: This is a great 'final' tweet in the soccer world.