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$2,000 On The Line! Everything You Need to Know Ahead of Today's Stool Streams LXVI, Live at 3 PM ET

Week 2 of our Stool Streams Jenga Season 2 begins today inside the Triple S. After a dramatic opening week, 12 competitors will face off under the bright lights with a chance to pick up a win AND give you a chance for the $2,000 Progressive Jackpot. Download the Play Barstool app, make your picks, and if you can successfully go 6-for-6, the money is yours! Due to some scheduling conflicts, there are only a few "official" Dozen teams playing together this week. But regardless, we still have three great matches for you this afternoon. Let's break everything down to give you the best chance at the cash:

Match 1 - Vibbs and Kelly Keegs vs. Frank The Tank and KB

Storylines: It's the Jenga debut for Kelly Keegs. After making plenty of appearances in the booth inside Stool Streams Stadium, this will be the first time in her career that she participates in the War for 54. It will be up to her and veteran partner Vibbs to keep the Fleming Curse alive, as Frank and the Frankettes aim to pick up their first win of the season. Frank switches out Nick for KB in today's opener.

Quotes to Remember: "I'm really nervous. It's my debut, never played Jenga on a public stage before." - Kelly

"I think it's a win-win for me, it's either I get to see a meltdown... or a meltdown." - KB

Match 2 - Tommy Smokes and Smitty vs. Pat and Marty Mush

Storylines: Uptown Balls is off to a 1-0 start this season thanks to Tommy and Glenny's win last week over Frank and the Frankettes. Now, Tommy remains the rotation and brings in Smitty to try and go 2-0. Their opponents are Pat and Marty Mush, who are two of the tallest competitors that we have inside Stool Streams Stadium.

Quotes to Remember: "I need to win for Glenny after Marty ghosted Glenny on Saturday." - Tommy

"We are both tall. Being tall helps in Jenga." - Marty

Match 3 - Feitelberg and Rudy vs. KenJac and Big Tennessee

Storylines: This is an interesting foursome to wrap up Week 2. Rudy and Feitelberg sit right next to each other, so you would expect that this factor will improve their team chemistry. As for KanJac and Big T, they are reportedly "boys." That could go a long way in trying to pick up a win.

Quotes to Remember: "Big T might just fall at the beginning of the match and into the tower. I'm feeling confident." - Feits

"Jenga is not a sport of athletes. It's a sport for overthinking and analyzing schlubs like me who have almost no athletic ability." - KenJac

Our first two matches will take place this afternoon, with the grand finale played on Friday. Remember to make your picks!