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The Chiefs Finally Found Their Missing Piece - Sign Former Baylor Basketball Star Who Hasn't Played Football Since Middle School

How many weapons does Patrick Mahomes need? Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Mecole Hardman and the rest of the group apparently wasn't enough to be a dynasty. Nope, the Chiefs had to go out and sign Mark Vital ... to the practice squad. But come on, we know how this is going to play out. Vital is going to make a nice play in practice and then Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy are going to draw up some ridiculous play where the Chiefs run some flare screen or something and Vital gets a touchdown and gets picked up in every fantasy league. Then Twitter will go crazy because any time Mahomes does something, Twitter goes crazy. 

Good for Vital though. He made it clear he was done with basketball and was going to give football a shot. Who cares that he hasn't played since middle school? (h/t KPLCTV)

“I played a little in middle school, but I was bigger than everybody. I wasn’t taking licks like that, I was basically running over everybody,” admitted Vital. “At that point, it’s not the same.”

He's getting a chance with the Chiefs. Just don't compare him to former Baylor player turned football player Rico Gathers. 

Okay maybe he is a lot like Rico Gathers, just with an NCAA title. But in his eyes he's Antonio Gates. 

“ I feel like I can be a Hall of Famer. I’m already getting compared to Antonio Gates from different scouts and teams when hearing them talk about me. I’m already getting compared to a Hall of Famer and that’s motivation to me to get to that level,” admitted Vital. “I can see the similarities. He and I are both explosive, fast and big. We are built the same.”

I love the confidence. Sure every single person that played college basketball and turns into a tight end will be compared to Antonio Gates, that's not the point here. Vital has the confidence to be Antonio Gates and that's 15% of the battle according to Fort Minor. 

I want Vital to make the Chiefs 53-man roster more than anything strictly for the tweets and to see what he does on offense. Shout out for him making it this far. If he gets on the 53-man roster, think it's fair to say we're looking at a possible dynasty here for the Chiefs. I don't see any other team in the league adding an NCAA basketball champion.