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Jay Glazer Is Reporting That The Bears Don't Want Justin Fields To Start Before Week 4 Because...Of Course

“The plan was for him not to be the starter before Week 4,” Glazer said. “That one I can tell you without a doubt. The Bears were really hoping their defense would come up big, they’d be able to play ball control football and Andy Dalton would be able to manage that team and Justin Fields could just learn. They did want to take him along a lot more slowly than throwing him in there in Game 1 or Game 2 or something along those lines.”

I mean this is the most obvious thing of all time and anyone with a brain, even meatballs like me, could look at the schedule and pick out week 4 against Detroit at home as the date we see Justin Fields as our QB1. A nice soft landing spot against a team that the Bears would hope to beat and then Dalton gets to be the day 1 starter, he gets to play against his old team, and he gets to get his head taken off by Miles Garrett and the Browns before Justin Fields takes over full-time. It's...whatever I guess. 

I talked about this last night in the blog when Nagy had this quote


Andy Dalton was perfectly MEH in the opener. It was nice to see a QB go through reads and have the offense dominate the time of possession. Having said that, there was ZERO explosiveness in the passing game and you could make a great argument that the interior line and David Montgomery were the best thing the Bears had going for the offense. How much better would they look if the linebackers and DEs also had to account for Fields pulling it down in the read option game? I guess we will find out week four against Detroit, but I think we are all basically ready to see it now. It will be nice to have hope

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