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Throwback Tuesday: Group Of Friends Put $100,000 On Number In Roulette And They Hit The SHIT Out Of It

The Sportsbook account posts this every 3 months or so because it rips and I have to post it now because there is nothing on earth that beats the thrill of sitting at a hot table at a casino. Not sex, not skydiving, not your team walking off in a game 7. The adrenaline rush is unmatched, and I say that to someone who gets pissed off when the $10 minimum tables are full and I gotta sit my ass at a $25+ min table. But can you imagine rallying your HS crew, flying out to Vegas or wherever the fuck this is, banding together to put $100,000 on a number and hitting that fucking number? Holy shit. I'd be in rehab/in dead/living on the streets in a WEEK if this were me. 

I mean this had to be MONTHS in the making. Arguing back and forth with what number to pick, who was gonna place the chips, what pair of good luck undies everyone should wear... etc. etc. etc. I did a stream with M Rags and Handsome Hank in Verdansk last night and we got on this subject. The most money I've ever won at a casino was in AZ when I walked in with $200 and out with $3500 or so. That was on $1-2 hold 'em where I was getting dealt pocket pairs and flopping sets and boats every other hand. You better BELIEVE I had a night at Bottled Blonde in Scottsdale that night. It was biblical. 


No, the hot blonde with fake tits and a perfect Scottsdale tan didn't come home with me. I woke up on the couch wearing jeans and shoes still. 

To take home $3.6MM with your boys? Holy shit, I can't imagine the hell we would have unleashed on Vegas if that were me and my guys. This is now a goal of mine. To place $100,000 on one hand of roulette with the boys. Hopefully PENN gets up to like $300/share soon because I NEED this to be me. 


Oh and PS - the Barstool Casino is live in a handful of states. Have at it!