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There's Not A More Weird Nostalgia Than The '60 Minutes' Clock During Football Season

It's a mixed emotion on the first NFL Sunday of the year. Yes, we're over the moon that real football that matters on Sundays is back, but with that comes the notorious 60 Minutes clock ticking in your mind that triggers all sorts of feelings. 

The sound sneaks up on you, too. Every year. We know it's coming, but we don't really hear it during the 1pm slate so we get lulled to sleep before ol' Jimmy Nantz slaps us with it or you've sat back down on the couch from grabbing a drink during a commercial break and hits. 

It's like Ed Reed in the secondary - always lurking, waiting to pounce and bring us pain. Sure, now we don't have to wake up and go to school (unless you're a teacher out there). I don't care what you say, there was no worse feeling than the clock winding down on your weekend at 6:15 on a Sunday evening back in 2006 while you're at your grandmother's house sitting down to Sunday dinner and the ticks starting tocking. I'd argue that there is no other sound out there now that immediately and so vividly puts you back in an exact spot and feeling when you were growing up. The sound was like Pavlov's Dogs for us. I hear it, I start thinking "what am i missing? what did i forget? what assignment do i have to do when I get home? FUCK i don't wanna wake up early for school tomorrow". Honestly if our places of employment wanted to really get our attention today they'd just blast the 60 Minutes clock and we'd all lift our hands up like ostriches out of the sand and be on alert. 

So thankful that the NFL is back, but at least once every Sunday from now until Super Bowl Sunday the 60 Minutes clock promo will get my ass.