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Our Very Own Paul Biznasty Is Going To Be On The Studio Crew For Turner This Coming NHL Season

Ummm WHOA!

And...the NHL has officially found the perfect partner. It should be OBVIOUS to anyone in media to hire Biz to be a studio analyst. Cult following, guy works his ass off, funny, and crazy fucking talented. I'd argue that nobody does a better job of making guests more comfortable and getting good stories out them than the Chiclets guys. Them and PMT are elite interviewers and they don't get enough credit. Now, maybe, they are. 

The idea of Biz with a smirk on his face trying not to talk about someone's wrench with THE GREATEST HOCKEY PLAYER WHOEVER LIVED is making me laugh just in my head. If they NHL on TNT is trying to mimic what they have with EJ, Shaq, Kenny, and Barkley, they absolutely NAILED it by including Biz. I can not wait for fucking hockey season and now I can't wait for the studio show either.