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The 2023 MLB All Star Game Is Headed To Seattle And It's A Joke That Baltimore Got Passed Over Again

It sounds like Seattle and T-Mobile Park will host the 2023 All Star Game and Home Run Derby and quite frankly it's BS. Don't get me wrong it's a great park, it's a cool town and they are a team who hopefully is on the upswing. The Mariners haven't made the playoffs since the LAST time they hosted an All Star game, way back in 2001. It's great that they got it, good for them, very happy. But for years the MLB has royally fucked Baltimore and the Orioles and refuse to give them an All Star Game. I say with very little bias, Camden Yards is a top 3 ballpark in the country. It was one of the best in baseball in 1993 when they got the All Star Game and it still is to this very day. You know all about it, the ballpark that changed how every other park was built. Right into downtown Baltimore with the Inner Harbor a few blocks away, the retro feel, the massive warehouse in right field, it is perfect. 

The product on the field is still a work in progress, but we're getting there. The fact that we haven't had an All Star Game in Baltimore since 1993 is a crime. It's ridiculous. Seattle is double dipping now before Camden Yards gets it's second Mid-Summer Classic. Cleveland has gotten 2 games before the O's got their second one, it's insane that this ballpark keeps getting passed over for it. And we all know the reason why MLB won't give Baltimore an All Star Game, the MASN Lawsuit. There is a whole big thing going on with the Orioles and Nationals over MASN, the local sports channel. It's a whole big thing and we don't have time for it here, but basically the Nationals are suing the Orioles over MASN and the O's won't back down. That creates a problem with MLB and that is why MLB and that bum Rob Manfred won't give the All Star Game to the O's. It's a joke. This is an incredible ballpark that deserves some more praise, it deserves a national event like an All Star Game. The Home Run Derby there would be fantastic, you load it with lefties like Ohtani, Harper, Matt Olson, Joey Gallo, Yordan Alvarez and let them try and hit the warehouse, we remember how sick it was when Griffey Jr did it, bring that back. 

It's a shame that MLB lets petty stuff get in the way of bringing such a great event to this park, it really is. It was renovated before the 2012 season so it has all the proper amenities and things it needs to host a game like this. 20th anniversary of the park opening was that season too, Kanas City held it that year and that is fine. But the park had it's 25th anniversary in 2017 and they held it at the circus tent in Miami, it would have been a perfect year for it. An awesome way to celebrate a quarter of a century. And that 2017 season it should have been the American League's turn to host the game, instead they ran off four straight NL parks from 2015 to 2018. MLB knows what they're doing, they know they're screwing the Orioles. And with the game in Los Angeles next year, Seattle in 2023 that leaves 2024 as the next open spot. It would be sick to have it then, the Orioles will have some of the top prospects up and on their team so it will be a perfect time to showcase the park again. Do the right thing MLB, give the O's an All Star Game. But with how they operate I wouldn't be surprised to see the dump in Tampa get a game before the O's do.