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I've Never Hated Anyone As Much As This Kid Saying Young People Could Afford Homes If They Just Stopped Drinking

“And I don't have the expense of kids yet or anything.

“I was given a Ford Fiesta, which I kept, whereas a lot of my friends are buying expensive cars like Mercedes on finance schemes.

“I mean they're nice cars but I was able to put-away up to £1,200 a month by the time I went full-time.

“I could have spent that by going out on the town.

This condescending fuck. Hey asshole, not everyone can live at home and have zero student loans because they got a GED like you instead of going to college. It's hard out here and one of the ways I like to deal with those harsh realities of being an adult is to responsibly drink with my friends on the weekend. That doesn't make me a bad person. It makes me fun. And "young people" of which I used to be, do have excuses as I listed above. We don't need some asshole who has never had a job outside of working for his parents telling me that anyone can do it if they stop drinking. You know what I dream of...a world where we can drink AND afford a modest starter home. Something our parents and every generation before us used to be able to do with relative ease. 


An average home used to only cost $25,000 and that was about two years worth of salary. Now the national average is closer to 7 years of saving and that's if you aren't consumed by student loan debt and a shitty job that pays like 50k out of school. A world where you didn't have to choose between a home and a pint on saturday with your friends. Must've been incredible. Assholes like this English kid just perpetuate the narrative that 50 years of policy have nothing to do with young people's inability to buy a home. Absurd. This kid is victim blaming. I am glad he doesn't want to drink because he is just about the last person I'd want to have a drink with. 

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