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Michigan Football Players Are Using Smelling Salts and Loud Music To Get Ready For Jim Harbaugh’s New “Beat Ohio Drill”

"Beat Ohio" drill? Harbaugh must really want a win over the Bobcats, I guess. The boys better get fired up down in Athens....

Honestly, this will probably be a pretty good game. A middle of the pack MAC team against a lower tier Big Ten team. Mutually beneficial for both schools. Oh wait, this is about Ohio STATE……? What is the drill? To bend over a table and get spanked?

Okay, here's my question: isn't the entire point of renaming the drill to the "Beat Ohio" drill that you WOULDN'T need smelling salts and loud music to get amped up for it….? I thought the University of Michigan, although having lost all credibility in the football world over the last decade, still was known for their high academic standards. Guess not.


Either way, I love how Harbaugh basically makes Ohio State sound like God every time he talks about them. 

Exhibit A:

I would want my players to focusing on beating Ohio State….but it's almost like he's creating an obsessive fear about how good we are. Die trying? He literally wants his players thinking about the great Ohio State Buckeyes 24/7.

Why is he so obsessed with us? I can honestly say I have spent zero seconds since last November thinking about Michigan, but they can't keep our name out of their mouths.

And listen, I know the Buckeyes woke up on Sunday morning feeling like the world is crumbling because we lost a game. But we lost ONE game. Michigan's lost like a hundred of them in the last 5 years. We've won 15 of the last 16 against them…..should be 16 of the last 17 but they waved the white flag last season….and I can't see any signs of the streak slowing down this November. Our defense can't stop a nosebleed right now but we'll probably shut them out in Week 12. Doesn't matter how many "Beat Ohio" drills Michigan does.